Water and Gas Line Repair & Replacement

Water & Gas Line Repair and Replacement in Phoenix Arizona.

A reliable supply of clean water is a must-have. Leaks waste a precious resource and can cause water damage. So it’s essential to have a properly functioning water line. If you’ve seen brown or rusty water, damp spots indoors or out, mold, low water pressure, or a rise in your water bill, you may need water line service. Any problem will only get worse with time. We offer quality plumbing services for businesses, including leak detection, pipe repair, re-piping, and mainline replacement. We’ll get things back to normal as quickly and cheaply as possible so you can get clean, reliable water. Bleuwave Plumbing offers affordable repair and replacement services for water lines in Phoenix and other nearby cities in Arizona. Schedule an appointment today.

When deciding whether to fix a pipe or replace it, there are many things to consider. They include the materials used to make the existing pipes, their age and general condition, and how often repairs have been needed. In addition to fixing plumbing problems, an upgrade can increase the flow rate and make it less likely that the hot water temperature will change in showers and other fixtures. Our experts on water line services will discuss your most cost-effective options. Here are the main choices if it’s time for repiping or a line replacement.

Copper – Copper quickly rusts when it’s buried. But above ground, it’s the best way to get clean water to drink. If the materials are good and the work is done well, it should last 50 years.
PVC – This plastic breaks when the temperature changes, so you should never use it to pipe hot water.
Galvanized Steel – When the galvanized coating on this material is broken, it rusts quickly.
Polybutylene – “Blue Poly” often leaks, so it is no longer used.
PEX – Cross-linked polyethylene can sometimes be blue in color, but it has been a good choice for a long time. It doesn’t rust, isn’t affected by chlorine, and doesn’t let mineral deposits build-up. This makes it easy to install and reduces mechanical stress.

Water Line Repairs

Our experts can find leaks quickly and check for broken or deteriorating water lines. Galvanized and polybutylene pipes are especially likely to cause problems in businesses in the Phoenix area. But we know how to fix any plumbing system, whether it’s hot, cold, drain, or sewer lines, underground or inside the building.

Commercial Gas Line Service

Bleuwave Plumbing offers a full range of commercial gas line services for businesses, including inspection, repair, and gas line installations. If your business has been shut down because of any gas leak, we will ensure the process goes smoothly. Most of the time, Bleuwave Plumbing will handle the process of getting your business back online within 24 hours (all city inspections require advance day notice for inspection following permit). Our technicians are friendly and have a lot of experience. They are also fully certified, so you can be sure that we will treat you with the utmost professionalism. Get in touch with our qualified and fully trained commercial gas line specialists right away if you need help with your gas line.


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