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Discover the Future of Efficient Heating with Bleuwave Plumbing – Phoenix, Arizona's Premier Plumbing Licensed & Insured Experts

Embrace a wave of warmth and efficiency with Bleuwave Plumbing, the leading light in Phoenix, Arizona's plumbing scene. Homeowners in the Phoenix metro area are already feeling the ripple effect of our expertise in tankless water heaters. Navigating the sea of options for tankless water heaters can feel like sailing through uncharted waters. That's why we've anchored down with plumbers at Bleuwave Plumbing to unveil the cream of the crop in tankless water heating technology.

Get that Tankless Water Heater that you've always wanted, just a phone call away! Call Bleuwave Plumbing at (480) 863-5915.

Our top pick? The cutting-edge Navien Tankless Water Heaters.

Why Set Sail with Navien?

Our seasoned plumbers advocate for Navien for its unparalleled durability, thanks to the robust stainless steel heat exchanger. Unlike the commonplace copper, this premium material promises an extended lifespan for your water heater. Additionally, our greater Phoenix metro area clientele enjoy smooth sailing with minimal maintenance calls, a testament to Navien’s superior performance in the field.

And if you ever find yourself in choppy waters, Navien’s class-leading warranty and exceptional customer support team will steer you back to calm seas.  Contact Bleuwave Plumbing Today!

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Rheem Tankless Water Heater
AO Smith Tankless Water Heater

Rheem Tankless Water Heaters – The Second Wave

While Navien leads the fleet, Rheem tankless water heaters ride the wave right behind. Known for their reliability, our plumbers have navigated Rheem’s waters extensively and hold them in high regard. However, it’s essential to note the distinctions:

  • Rheem’s fleet lacks the internal circulating system that Navien’s models boast, which can impact the immediacy of hot water delivery.
  • They offer a warranty period that, while generous, doesn’t quite match the longevity of Navien’s promise.
  • Navien’s stainless steel heat exchanger stands a class apart from Rheem’s copper counterpart, setting a new benchmark for quality.

Choosing Bleuwave Plumbing means more than just getting a top-of-the-line water heater; it’s about unlocking a treasure chest of benefits. Our Rheem tankless water heaters in the Phoenix metro area offer a continuum of warmth, energy efficiency, and a smaller carbon footprint, charting a course towards a sustainable future.

AO Smith – Rounding Out the Best Affordable Tankless Water Heaters

AO Smith tankless water heaters come with a robust set of advantages that cater to the needs of modern homeowners looking for efficiency, reliability, and long-term savings. Here are some key benefits:

1. Extended Warranty: With a 15-year warranty, AO Smith demonstrates confidence in the longevity and durability of their tankless water heaters. This extended warranty period provides homeowners with peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected for a considerable time.

2. Energy Efficiency: Tankless water heaters from AO Smith are designed for high efficiency. They heat water on demand, which means no energy is wasted in heating water that isn’t being used, leading to potential savings on utility bills.

3. Consistent Performance: These water heaters provide a consistent supply of hot water, ensuring that you never have to endure a cold shower again, even with back-to-back usage, which is a common scenario in busy households.

4. Space Savings: Without the need for a large tank, AO Smith’s tankless models free up valuable space in your home. Their compact size allows for installation in tighter spaces, making them ideal for smaller homes and apartments.

5. Longevity: The lack of a tank reduces the risk of leaks and water damage over time. Also, tankless water heaters have fewer corrosion issues, which contributes to a longer lifespan compared to traditional tank models.

6. Improved Water Quality: Since there is no tank to store water, the chances of rust and sediment buildup that can affect water quality are significantly reduced. This means fresher and cleaner water for your daily use.

7. Environmental Benefits: By reducing energy consumption, AO Smith tankless water heaters contribute to a lower carbon footprint, making them a more environmentally friendly option.

8. Advanced Technology: Many AO Smith models come with advanced features such as digital temperature controls and self-diagnostic systems, providing convenience and ease of maintenance.

9. Scalability: For homes with high hot water demand, multiple AO Smith tankless units can be installed together to provide enough hot water for simultaneous, multiple uses, ensuring that hot water is available for every faucet, shower, and appliance as needed.

10. Tax Rebates and Incentives: In some areas, the installation of energy-efficient appliances like AO Smith tankless water heaters may qualify for tax rebates or incentives, adding to the financial benefits.

These advantages make AO Smith tankless water heaters a compelling choice for homeowners who value efficiency, longevity, and the assurance of a product backed by a substantial warranty period.

With Bleuwave Plumbing, embark on a journey of endless hot water, reduced energy bills, and the peace of mind that comes with dependable, round-the-clock service. Set your compass for comfort and efficiency – choose Bleuwave Plumbing for your tankless water heater needs.

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Dive into savings and streamline your home improvements with Bleuwave Plumbing's exclusive special financing offers. Whether you're upgrading to an eco-friendly tankless water heater or tackling essential repairs, our tailored financing solutions make it easier to manage your budget while enjoying the high-quality service you deserve. With Bleuwave Plumbing, your comfort and convenience are always affordable.
5 Star Service
"Awesome people to work with! We had an emergency plumbing issue in my small business and they went above and beyond to help us out. From the process of getting a quote to getting things fixed, they were communicative and prompt. I have struggled for the last 5 years to find a reliable plumber, and I’m so grateful my landlord recommended Bleuwave. They are outstanding and I will be recommending them to my business neighbors!" ~Amber V.
5 Star Service
"Bleuwave’s plumbers Josh and Mathew have done several jobs at my condo including the installation of a water softener, a reverse osmosis system, and new faucets in my bathroom. They are responsive, courteous, and go above and beyond to ensure the job is done well. I have had nothing but good experiences with Bleuwave and highly recommend them!" ~Emily C.
5 Star Service
"New homeowner who saw a wet spot in our front yard. Unsure what to do, Bleuwave came out fairly quickly, found and explained the problem, then fixed it all for a fair price and very quickly." ~Brent B.
Tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency and long lifespans compared to traditional tank-style water heaters. This space-saving solution offers more efficient operation, longer lifespans, and requires much less space than traditional models. With the right installation and maintenance, a tankless water heater can provide an efficient, cost-effective solution for your hot water needs.


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